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manvert: biostimulants and advanced plant nutrition

We create soluctions that yield profit

We develop effective and sustainable manvert solutions to maximize the yield and quality of your crops.


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Become a manvert distributor

Become an official distributor of manvert, a reference company in biostimulants and plant nutrition. Since 1988 our goal is to provide innovative and effective solutions to maximize the value of crops worldwide.

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Where to buy manvert products?

Write to us and we will put you in touch with the nearest manvert products sales point.

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With presence in 4 continents

We have eight subsidiaries: manvert Maroc, manvert Mexico, manvert USA, manvert Colombia, manvert South Africa, manvert Costa Rica and Chile, as well as a joint venture in Ecuador.


Cultivating knowledge

The Croptology project was created in 2008 with the aim of making the knowledge acquired during more than 30 years in the sector available to professional agriculture and thus contributing to progress towards a more productive, efficient and sustainable agriculture.

Be part of the manvert community, participate in Croptology and enjoy exclusive advantages such as technical advice, participation in technical and training conferences or the receipt of technical support material.

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Recovering saline and sodic soils

Recovering saline and sodic soils


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How to improve colour and Brix in fruit and vegetables

How to improve colour and Brix in fruit and vegetables


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