In view of the alarm situation caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Biovert reports that

HEALTH. Measures have been implemented to give priority to the health and safety of all those who work in our organization. The health of our professionals, our customers, suppliers and all those people with whom we have regular contact is our main concern.

FLEXIBILITY.  We continue to work as normally as possible but adopting the maximum measures of flexibility and necessary precautions required by the health authorities to contribute to the containment of the virus and prevent its spread.

SERVICE. We wish to continue providing services and products to farmers around the world. Therefore, the operations and logistics department continue to produce manvert products to supply our customers and distributors so that they reach the farmer, who cannot stop producing because his activity is essential for the normal functioning of our society. It is essential to ensure the normal functioning of the agricultural sector in moments like this, since it is this that feeds us all day after day even in complicated moments like this.

SECURITY. The operations department, laboratory and field tests, continue to operate normally, along with sufficient security measures and flexibility to protect their health and reconcile personal, work and family life at this time that is more necessary than ever.

TELEWORKING: All those workers whose jobs allow them to do so are teleworking normally from their homes and are helping to ensure that Biovert’s activities are carried out as normally as possible. Today, the technology available to us allows this.

ADAPTATION. Day by day we adapt and will adapt these measures to the reality that is taking place, always with the aim of protecting people and collaborating with the agricultural sector, which is and will be of vital importance.

GRATITUDE. We would like to send our most sincere thanks and admiration to all the professionals in the health system, as well as to those who work in the supply of basic products and services.

OVERCOMING. We are in a changing scenario of uncertainty that we hope will affect us all as little as possible, but we are also convinced that with the necessary measures and the collaboration of everyone we will overcome and come out stronger as individuals, companies and society.

If you have any doubts or needs, please contact us through your usual contact person or at