manvert Technology

Our R+D+i department is constantly working on proprietary technology that we apply to our entire range of agronutrients. The products resulting from this technology permit it to be applied to plants in a more efficient manner, for maximum uptake by crops.

Seavert tech Technology

Thanks to Seavert tech Technology we obtain a higher concentration of active ingredients through extraction at differential pressure. Not using chemical solvents nor high temperatures in the process ensures the preservation of the properties of active ingredients. Among the principle active ingredients alginic acid, fucoidan and mannitol are highlighted. Alginic acid acts as an elicitor, protecting the plant in situations of stress and biostimulating effect. Mannitol is a carbohydrate osmoprotector that protects the plant against saline and water stress, maintaining water balance. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide plant elicitor.

The following products employ manvert Seavert tech Technology:

Lignovert tech Technology

Thanks to Lignovert tech Technology we are able to achieve a high concentration of complexed elements with balanced molecular weight. Nutrients are complexed using lignosulfonic acid, thereby improving their absorption and distribution and permanence within the plant, improving bio-availability. Decreases in the surface tension of pulverised water improves distribution on the leaf surface, thereby increasing product coverage over the leaf. Products using this technology are highly compatible with other products applied simultaneously, and are readily miscible in water.

Better absorption thanks to Lignovert tech Technology

Transversal view of a leaf showing mineral salts

Transversal view of a leaf with complexed nutrients using Lignovert tech Technology

Neovert tech Technology

Thanks to Neovert tech Technology we obtain a higher concentration of the active ingredient in solution, greater coverage and greater penetration on the leaves. As shown in the image, our technology notably improves their coverage on the leaf and therefore improves the effectiveness of the product.

The following products employ manvert Neovert tech Technology: