The biostimulant manvert foliplus celebrates 20 years as the flagship of Biovert and accumulates excellent results in all types of crops and in more than 30 countries in which it is marketed.

This product suitable for organic farming arises from the synergy of the action of the 4 main ingredients of its unique formulation: amino acids, reducing sugars, seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and phytohormones of natural origin. The combination of these four essential elements for the plant at a high concentration provides numerous benefits that translate into better sprouting, flowering, fruit setting, weight and quality of fruits and tubercles, in addition to greater vigour and vegetative development and greater resistance to stress.

In other words, manvert foliplus improves the quality and yield of harvests, since its periodic application favours the obtaining of more and better sized fruits, as it affects the different phases of plant development. This consistency in the results of the application of the product throughout these 20 years has determined the choice of the slogan of the product: makes the difference.

With these guarantees it is not surprising that the star product of the manvert brand – which also has its own logo and website at–  continues to multiply its sales year after year, as well as adding unconditional sales, both among distributors of the manvert range and among fruit and vegetable producers themselves, who see the results in their own field and no longer contemplate a season without using foliplus.

Seavert tech ® technology

In recent times Biovert has incorporated improvements to its flagship product that make it even more special. now manvert foliplus is produced using Seavert tech, the company’s own technology, which consists of extracting algae without any chemical substances, heat, freezing or dehydration, thus achieving a higher content of active ingredients.

Proven worldwide

In these 20 years of manvert foliplus -applied alone or in combination with other references of the company- has demonstrated an enormous effectiveness both in the field and in the dozens of tests carried out by the R+D+I department of the company Biovert. We would like to highlight some of the successes demonstrated in these trials:

– In vegetables, specifically, zucchini, a 30% increase in production per plant was achieved and a reduction in the destruction of zucchini.


manvert foliplus


– In red pepper, a notable increase in quality was achieved in terms of Brix degrees and colouring.

-In avocado, the number of sprouts was multiplied by 1.7 and production was increased by 40%.

-In table grapes, production was increased by 20%, in addition to a considerable increase in the length of the bunch and commercial calibres.


manvert foliplus


-In industrial tomatoes, manvert program managed to improve production by 16% and also increase fruit size.

-In hazelnut, production is increased by more than 30% (increased fruit setting and less loss due to abortions).

-In potato manvert foliplus achieved a high vegetative growth and an increase in production of 16%.

-In alfalfa manvert foliplus the number of knots per shoot increases, as well as dry weight and protein.

-In kiwifruit, a yield of 95% above calibre 30 was achieved.

-In nectarine and apple manvert foliplus together with other treatments from the company, the colour increases throughout the fruit.

– In berries, an 11.6% increase in fruit set was achieved.

– In strawberry and melon, significant increases in Brix degrees were achieved.

– In roses, there was an increase in stems of almost 30cm and a 50% increase in production.

– In lemon, there was a 12% increase in production and a return on investment of 3.4 euros per euro invested.


manvert foliplus


– In rice, the increase in production with manvert foliplus was 37%.

– In mango, the increase in production was 23% and the return on investment was estimated at 32 euros per euro invested.

– In pineapple, there was an increase in weight per unit of 8%, which increased the final yield for the farmer.


Formats and ecological certifications

Manvert foliplus comes in liquid form in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers (220 l and 1,000 l are also possible). Its application in the field can be foliar or root. It has the ecological certifications of BCS, FiBL and CAAE and presents good miscibility and compatibility with most pesticide products commonly used.

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